Beginner Lessons



Nothing links us to the music more than rythm. It's the grains and potatos of our food pyramid of dance. Join us for the most fundamental lesson in all of blues dance.



Unlike Tango and other "traveling" dances, blues doesn't requiere you to move around the dance floor. Nevertheless, there will be times when you want to. Learn to move around in a musical way and get a basic introduction to the concept of floorcraft that will help you avoid running yourself or your partner into other dancers or stationary objects.



This lesson covers, among other things, the difference between turns and spins. Learn some basic turns and spins and gain an understanding of the building blocks of turns and spins in blues and you'll be prepared for any rotational action the music throws at you!



Short of wispering in your partners ear, there is nothing you can do to communicate your movements, right? Wrong! This lesson will cover connection, the hidden conversation that happens between dancers in a partnership. We'll cover different types of connection, connection points, and get some practice using them on the dance floor.

Intermediate Lessons

While our beginner lessons are recurring and usually cover the same material every month, our intermediate lessons change and adapt to the needs of our intermediate and advanced dancers. Included below are some lessons characteristic of what might be offered in our 8-9 timeslot.


Blues Idiom Dances

Did you know that "blues dance" is actually a bit of a misnomer. In reality, blues started as a collection of dances, linked together by the fact that they were danced to similar music. Snakehips, jookin, struttin, and ballroomin are all part of the long and storied history of blues idiom dance. Join us as we take a kinesthetic trip through history!


Advanced Connection

The more you dance, the more experienced you'll become at communicating with your parters without speaking. Of course this only works if your bodies are speaking the same language. Join us for a crash course on proper "pronunciation" and take a shortcut to blues fluency!


Silly Moves

Blues has a long storied history and a rich corpus of technique. Nevertheless, dancing is also fun! Join us to learn some silly moves that will make your partner smile!


Practicas, while not exactly lessons are a great way to improve on what you've learned and get feedback from other dancers. Typically, dance ettiquite frowns on people soliciting feedback during a social dance. Often times the room is too dark and too crowded to be a good learning environment. At a practica some dance ettiquite rules are suspended, the music is quieter to enable conversation, and feedback is readily given and recieved. A collaborative learning environment like this can help you work on things that you would never get to address during a structured group lesson. You can have your friends videotape your dancing, try out moves that aren't quite ready for primetime, or politely ask for feedback from that awesome dancer you've been watching for weeks!

Private Lessons

Eventually, you may hit the point where group lessons are no longer helping you work on the things you need to work on. Perhaps you are new, but seeking to improve faster than our weekly group lessons will let you progress. Maybe you want to work on something that we just don't cover in class. Whatever your reason, we have a large team of instructors with various specializations. We encourage you to contact them directly to set up a private lesson for yourself or a small group. These lessons aren't officially run by us, but often times we can arrange for an instructor to meet you at our usual location prior to the dance itself. Learn a little about some of our local instructors below.

instructor bio pic Kevin


Kevin has been dancing since 2005. He started with Swing and moved on to Blues. He has also experimented with Salsa, Tango, Bachata, and many other styles. He specializes in musicality. Kevin regularly teaches beginner lessons and is availible for 1 on 1 lessons and group lessons, both with and without a partner.

instructor bio pic Kim


Kim has danced up and down the Colorado Front Range. She regularly taught at Andante Blues, but is currently taking an extended hiatus from teaching.

instructor bio pic Kara


Kara is an international level instructor teaching at large events around the country and the world. She has been dancing for years and has a nearly bottomless well of blues dance knowledge. Kara occasionally teaches at Andante Blues, and is availible for private lessons.



John started dancing with swing dance here in Colorado Springs. In addition to blues, he specializes in Tango. John is availible for private lessons.



Stevie has danced at Andante for a number of years now and has taught many beginner and intermediate lessons.